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Rules Post!

Please read through the rules and understand them before applying and joining the game.

First and foremost: THIS IS A GAME! We all get a little emotionally attached to our characters. But please remember you are not your character. If Taylor picks a fight with Troy, it does not mean that I want to fight with Charli. Remember this is supposed to be fun. If it becomes a drama pit between all the people playing, we will close because we do not want to suck the fun out of this.

Don't be a Mary Sue. Not sure what a Mary Sue is? Let wiki help you out a bit. Your character can't be happy and perfect all the time, but they don't need to be miserable and "woe is me" all the time either. Although the dramas are fun to play out, sometimes it's fun to let your character have a good life too.

Please avoid double commenting. If you're like me and on your phone and can't remember if you hit send, that's one thing. But if after a bit you haven't gotten a response, don't go reply again. It's mostly just annoying. And usually you haven't gotten a response yet because your fellow player had something else to attend to. Occasionally comments get lost or gets overlooked (especially with those of us using gmail it's one downfall), so if you see the player playing other places and you feel like your character's life will absolutely NOT BE THE SAME if you don't finish your thread, recomment. But if I catch you doing that a lot, I'll be on you about it. And I thread stalk, so I'll know.

On the same note, don't IM someone and ask "Is *insert character name* coming back?" Again, it's annoying. And I talk to everyone on here mostly, so I'll know if you do that too.

Activity. You will need to update your character's journals at least once every three weeks and participate in at least one of every four "open" group threads. However, if there are multiple group threads for the same day/event (ie, basketball game then after party, multiple threads for a holiday) both/all will count as one thread. The only way out of this constraint is if you or your character are on hiatus, in which case the count will be "paused." If you fail to meet this requirement once, you will get a warning and need to update your journal or join a community thread within three days or we will consider you have failed the requirement twice. If you fail the requirement twice, the character will be put on hiatus for one week in which time you can hopefully develop a) a reason for them being MIA for a week, and b) your drive to keep said character up to date. After the third offense, we will remove your character from the community. From the first offense, the cycle will be for three months. If you receive a warning at the beginning of February and are in normal activity until the end of May, you will not be put on hiatus, but receive another warning.

Commenting other character's journals is also an important part of activity. While we are not going to "quantify" how often or how many journals you need to comment, keep in mind that interaction needs to happen there as well.

Also, remember to play more than just your 'ship' threads. Though lovey-dovey and more graphic (waggles eyebrows) threads maybe longer, and in the long run more entertaining, please make sure you play your characters in a well-rounded manner. Talking with friends, fighting with enemies, etc. Playing all levels of your character will give you more ways to be involved and give you the potential to build more relationships and plot lines.

Don't God-Mod. We each play our own characters. So don't force someone to be somewhere or have done something without letting the other player know and okay it.

Any major plot lines (serious injuries, illnesses, deaths, rape, pregnancy [including 'scares'], etc) MUST be approved by a mod.

Spell check! Grammar check! Please? An occasional slip up is one thing, but sometimes I sit and stare at comments that I can't understand because of a lack of commas. And remember proper sentence structures. And try to remember whether you are in a third-person post (anything in the commuinity) or first-person (all personal journals).

Stay in character. We make those giant intro posts so we can know who the character is. And if you are not consistent with that, it's hard to play off of because you can't tell which version of the character you'll get that day.

This is a LiveJournal RPG. Meaning all RPing will be done here in the community or in the character's personal journals. This means we would like you to avoid playing via email, IM, message boards or any other means. We have the journals for a reason.

We are a roleplay community. Not an advertising community. Please do not advertise other games in your journal or in the comm. If you want to suggest a game to another player, please save that for IMs, emails, or messages.

Ask Questions! Us mods would rather over clarify something to you than leave people in the dark. However, keep in mind that we have lives outside this game. And I'm going to guess that 9 times out of 10, the issue can probably wait until you catch us on IM. However, if you feel it is more urgent or we keep missing each other (especially those outside the US), email or PM us. Please respect that when we are away at school or work or just hanging out with friends, we probably don't want to deal with RP drama.

If we feel you have broken a rule, you will get a written warning via LJ message. If the problem is not rectified within a few weeks, you will receive a second warning.You will again be given a few weeks, and if the problem persists you will either be put on hiatus, have that character removed from you, or be asked to leave the game based on the severity of the rule you have broken and the frequency with which it occurred. This will be at the mods discretion.

And to make it all fair, Peggy, Kat, and I do attempt to keep each other in check, however if you feel we constantly ignore a rule, let us know and we will try to rectify that.
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